For children
La Sorgente


Why you have to choose La Sorgente for your next holiday with your kids?


Our structure has large green spaces, you can breathe good air and live a family atmosphere.
Many of our guests with children from all over the world easily socialize in the common areas and this makes the holiday an experience that they will carry with them forever.
The structure has apartments with pool view and private garden that allow parents to enjoy their holiday to the full without too many worries for the little ones.

We have dedicated a swimming pool for the little ones, to take their first steps, become familiar with the water and learn to swim.
The structure also has a five-a-side football field, completely fenced and always available for guests to improvise when they leave with their friends on holiday.
The green areas, the small organic garden also stimulate creativity and the discovery of new sounds, scents and colors.


What to do and see in the surroundings?

Pecciolo Adventure

In the nearby town of Peccioli there is a unique artificial structure, a suggestive complex dating back to the 17th century; the garden is surrounded by a splendid porch which is located in the heart of the historic center in front of the splendid scenery of the Valdera hills.

The adventure park paths include an 8m climbing wall and three aerial paths:

MINI ROUTE: For the little ones (from three to seven years) to do like adults in complete safety.

JUNIOR ROUTE: To test yourself with more demanding passages

URBAN WILD ROUTE: For strong emotions suspended over the Tuscan countryside 70 meters below


The prehistoric dinosaur park

Are you looking for a fun activity for your family? Don't miss a visit to this theme park!

The Prehistoric Park is just a few minutes by car from the city center of Peccioli and is spread over flat terrain mostly shaded by tall pine trees.


The park hosts life-size reconstructions of dinosaurs, about twenty scattered throughout the pine forest.

The Prehistoric Park of Peccioli has a rather curious history: it was founded by a former circus artist almost 40 years ago and since then he and his family have personally dealt with the park and the dinosaur reconstructions. If stories fascinate you, stop to talk to the owners, you will almost certainly find them at the park ticket office and they will pass on all their passion for Prehistory and their Pisan Jurassik Park.

The Prehistoric Park of Peccioli is open all year round.


Capannoli Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum of Capannoli, the town of our structure, is set up on the ground floor in the Villa Baciocchi,

late Baroque building surrounded by a public park with exotic and secular plants.

It is a permanent exhibition with a prevalently didactic nature aimed at both a school target and those who love and respect nature and animals.

The museum itinerary is divided into five rooms in which taxidermised animals are exhibited: invertebrates, birds, reptiles and fish from all over the world.

The museum collects over 1400 specimens of fauna, with particular attention to the local area.


The Pinocchio park, the Garzoni garden and the butterfly house

Who doesn't know Pinocchio's fairy tale?
Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that the stories of the small wooden puppet, who dreamed of becoming a real child, were born in Tuscany.

In Collodi, a small town a few kilometers from Pistoia, you can visit the original Pinocchio Park, dedicated to the famous puppet.

The park is completely outdoors. Walking inside, surrounded by well-kept vegetation, we gradually find the main protagonists of the story. Pinocchio, the Fairy, the Cat and the Fox and many other characters, allow visitors to retrace some of the most significant episodes of the fairy tale.

Pinocchio Park is an enchanted place, with an atmosphere that I would call almost retro. The classic rides with horses, the workshops by the park staff, the small puppet theater, the cable car, the castle of ropes, the giant chessboard and other games scattered in the garden are dedicated to children only.

Inside the park there is a bar and a small picnic area.

If you have time, it may be worth combining the visit to the park with two other nearby attractions: the Garzoni Garden and the Butterfly House, which are just a few minutes' walk away.

The Garzoni Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy and visiting it you will not find it hard to believe: well-kept paths, flower beds, fountains with traditional water games and imposing statues will accompany you on an enchanting and at the same time relaxing walk.


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