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Peccioli adventure park

In the nearby village of Peccioli there is a unique artificial structure of its kind, an evocative complex dating back to the seventeenth century; the garden is surrounded by a splendid loggia that is located in the heart of the historic center, in front of the splendid scenery of the Valdera hills.

The adventure park trails include an 8-meter climbing wall and three air routes:

MINI PATH: For the little ones (from three to seven years) to do like the big ones in complete safety.

JUNIOR PATH: To test yourself with more challenging steps

URBAN WILD ROUTE: For strong emotions suspended on the Tuscan countryside 70 meters lower

Zoological museum of Capannoli

The Zoological Museum of Capannoli, Village near of our place, is set up on the ground floor in the Villa Baciocchi, a late-Baroque building surrounded by a public park with exotic and ancient plants.

It is a permanent exhibition with a prevalent educational character, aimed at both a school target and those who love and respect nature and animals.
The museum itinerary consists of five rooms in which taxidermized animals are exhibited: invertebrates, birds, reptiles and fish from all over the world.
The museum collects over 1400 specimens of fauna, with particular attention to the local territory.