Dear Guest,

the historical moment we are living calls all of us to awareness and greater attention, even on vacation. Here are some rules deriving from the health provisions to be followed within the structure, to enjoy this period in total safety and relaxation:


  •  Arrival at the structure no earlier than 15.00
  •  We will contact you a few days before arrival in order to simplify the check-in operations (sending documents, online check-in, ...)
  •  It is recommended to use the sanitizing gel at every entrance to the structure and to always wear the mask when moving in the common areas
  •  Please respect our staff's signs and directives



  •  The premises will be aired for as long as possible and we will use sanitizing products paying particular attention to the surfaces of greatest contact.
  •  Upon the change of guests, the housing unit will be sanitized in its entirety through certified devices and products.



  •  The bar staff will wear a mask and gloves
  •  Members of the same family or guests sharing the housing unit will be able to sit at the same table
  •  We have set up the local bar in order to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter
  •  Guests are required to always wear a protective mask, except when seated at the table



  •  Sanitization will be performed several times throughout the day
  •  Before access and after use, gel sanitization of the hands is required
  •  Please, as far as possible, use the services of the apartments



  •  The use of a mask and protective gloves is mandatory
  •  Before and after use, sanitizing of the hands with hydroalcoholic gel is required




  • Each apartment will be assigned an umbrella and sun beds / deck chairs; they will be placed more than 1.5 meters away, it is recommended to limit their movement.
  •  To allow proper hygiene, the pools will open at 9.45 am and close at 7.30 pm.
  •  The entrance will be quota: num. 15 people for the large swimming pool, num. 7 people for the smaller pool. We ask for maximum collaboration in compliance with these limits



• Please respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter

• The use of hand gel is required before approaching the reception desk

• Only one person is allowed at the desk at a time

• Check-out must necessarily be done no later than 10.00 in order to allow us to clean and sanitize the room




• Once you leave our facility it is mandatory to use the mask in public spaces, shops, bars, restaurants and maintain social distancing for greater safety!


All staff work in compliance with the rules of safety and hygiene to guarantee you the best possible stay experience. Please be patient and be understanding if there are any delays or if you need to wait for your turn. We all wear masks to protect ourselves and others: there is no reason for embarrassment or ridicule. Every day our staff is monitored in order to detect suspicious cases immediately.